AYSO EXTRA Program - Region 515

The AYSO Extra program is a competitive soccer program designed to provide a higher level of play for those players who possess the appropriate skills, abilities, and drive.  The Extra program is designed to enhance each player’s experience and individual growth through the game of soccer while retaining the spirit, organization and six philosophies of AYSO:

Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, & Player Development


Tryout Information



Please stay posted for the upcoming 2016/2017 Fall Spring Season EXTRA Tryouts.


If a player wishes to try out for the EXTRA program, please do the following:

  1.  IMPORTANT:  All players must have been registered to play 2016/2017 fall/spring season in any region or you must complete “Non_AYSO_ Participant Player form”.
  2.  EVERY Tryout Participant must Pre-register prior to tryout session via email loslunasextra@ayso515.com (include player’s name, AYSO ID#, birth date, parent/guardian name, phone number & indicate  which sessions you will be attending. A player may attend both).  Each email submission should be submitted as a separate email for each individual player.  DO NOT INCLUDE TWO PLAYERS ON THE SAME EMAIL as one player may be overlooked in error.
  3. Arrive at the field at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to sign in. Please wear a team jersey, shin guards, & cleats. 
  4.  Bring plenty of water 

 ***Dates & Times may be subject to change***



Session #1

Session #2

U10 Boys -  Tuesday 7/26 @ 7:00pm  TBA
U10 Girls Tuesday 7/26 @ 7:00pm TBA
U12 Boys Thursday 7/28 @ 6:00pm  TBA
U12 Girls Thursday 7/28 @ 6:00pm  TBA
U14 CoEd Thursday 7/28 @ 7:00pm  TBA


Extra Program FAQ

 What is AYSO Extra?

AYSO Extra is a soccer program that is geared to those players who want a higher level of competition and training but do not want to play Club soccer. Extra teams will be formed by several regions in Area C. The Extra teams will play against each other during the fall & Spring soccer season.

What teams will be formed?

Region 515’s goal will be to form at least one Extra team for each of the Boys and Girls in the U10 and U12.  U14 will currently be CoEd.

Who will coach the team?

The teams will be coached by qualified, certified volunteer coaches. Coach selections will be announced shortly after interviews are complete.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee will be $65 which includes the Fall & Spring season.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee includes, league fees, coach clinic training, insurance and uniforms.  Outwear & backpacks can be purchased for an additional fee.

How long will the season last?

The Fall & Spring season will begin practicing in August (like we do for the regular AYSO season) with regular season running through November and resuming in the spring in March through the end of April.

What is the time commitment for practice?

Practices will be twice a week for 90 minutes each practice session beginning in  August.

Will there be tournaments after the Fall Break & Spring Season?

Yes. Extra teams will be allowed to apply for in season tournaments and AYSO invitational tournaments which will take place during November through June. The cost to enter into each of these tournaments may run $40 to $50 per player per tournament, paid by each player on the team.  This is not funded by the region. Each team will be required to turn in ALL tournament fees to Region prior to the registration of any  tournament.

How do players get chosen for the Extra team?

Players who are interested in playing on an Extra team should attend the tryouts which are posted on the website.  Players need to show up for the tryouts with the documentation listed on the tryout form.

How will a player register for the team?

Region 515 is a Concurrent EXTRA program all EXTRA players will play on dual teams(Standard/Core & EXTRA).  Players who are selected for the Extra team will be required to register for the 2016/2017 Standard Core & Extra Fall/Spring Season.  Players are expected to pay their registration fee as soon as they are selected to ensure they are committed to the team, no later than two weeks after selections.  Players will likely be scheduled for two games every Saturday during the regular season.

Will the Extra program utilize the ¾ play rule?

Yes. All players who regularly attend practice and are committed to the team will play at least ¾ of every game. For those players that habitually miss practice or games, the coach has the discretion to only play them for ½ of the game. Lack of commitment to the team for one season may hinder a player’s chances of making the team the following year.

EXTRA Parent Code of Conduct Pledge & Kids Zone Policy for EXTRA parents and spectators?

Yes, all parents and guardians will be required to sign and return  the EXTRA Parent code of conduct pledge & Kids Zone policy to the Regional Commissioner prior to the players first EXTRA practices. In addition, parents are required to attend the MANDATORY EXTRA parent meeting prior to your player participating with the EXTRA team.  These policies will be strictly enforced during all EXTRA practices & games.   All three criteria must be met.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS (player may be subject to removal of team if parents do not fulfill Regional policies regarding EXTRA)

What is the volunteer commitment for each Extra player?

Each team is required to provide a minimum of two parent referees for 10 regular program games, plus 25 additional volunteer hours (i.e. field striping, Picture Day, uniform distribution, fundraisers).  One parent per player is required to submit a volunteer form and volunteer.  Teams not fulfilling team volunteer requirements will not be approved for post season tournaments NO EXCEPTIONS.


To Apply as an EXTRA Coach please download the EXTRA coach_application_515 and submit to Hernandez@ayso515.com..