Referee’s Corner



Basic Referee  course SCHEDULED  August 22nd @ 8:00 am.  Must submit your volunteer form prior to attending.  Must attend full session and pass certification exam to become a certified referee. 

In order to become a certified referee for the fall season, volunteers must complete the following steps:

  1. Register online as a volunteer at and print form volunteer and have your ID verified by a board member.
  2. Take your online Safe Haven, and CDC concussion training at
  3. Attend the Basic Referee  course on January 31st  at 8:00 am at Location to be Determined in Los Lunas. You will need to pass a certification exam in order to become fully certified. Please email to RSVP .
  4. Now you are all ready to get out there and center games for your team! We really need your help and thanks so much for being a part of this great program.


Remember that all teams are expected to recruit 2 referees who become certified and center games on a regular basis. Referees will earn points for your team that will allow them to participate in our end of the season tournament.



Every team in U-8 is required to provide 2 certified referees!
Each week your team is assigned as the home team your referees (yes both) will be asked to referee a game - a boys’ team referee will be scheduled for a girls’ game and vice versa. Referees will not be allowed to center a game for teams they are affiliated with. Your team’s referee may also be asked to act as an assistant referee for an older division.
Names of referees and team affiliation (division and team number) must be sent to the Regional Referee Administrator (Andrea Torrez). Your referees must have a current volunteer form and appropriate certification. If they are not certified they will not be allowed to referee games until they are certified. Please see below for training dates and times.

Every team in U-10 is required to provide 1 certified referee!
Each referee will be asked to either referee or assist on a game before or after their child’s scheduled game (depending on the schedule). All referee names and team affiliations (division and team number) need to be sent to the Referee Administrator (Andrea Torrez). Just as in U-8 referees must have a current volunteer form and appropriate certification. If they are not certified please see below for training times.

Referees in U-12 and U-14 divisions are part of a pool and assigned to games by the region. Where possible, neutral assignments (unaffiliated with either team) are preferred, but referees doing their child’s games is still permitted. Regardless, each U-12/14 team is responsible for providing at least one certified Regional Referee (or higher) to the pool for proper team representation and credit.

We need referees!  We need your help to make this season a success for the kids.
The more referees we are able to train and certify the better our program will be for the kids!
Thank you to those volunteers who have attended the training!

Contact the Referee Administrator Andrea Torrez for more information.