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AYSO 515 is COMPLETELY powered by VOLUNTEERS!!!!

That means we need YOU to pitch in to keep it running smoothly for the kids. The parent volunteer pool is always changing and there is a constant need for new volunteers. The AYSO board is made up of parents like you, who want to see their child get the best program possible.

Contact the Regional Commissioner to volunteer for vacant positions 

AYSO Coaching Program

Volunteer Coaches are the Heart of the Program
AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. Of all the volunteers, the coaches are the most visible and have the greatest impact on the lives of the players.

Our region has about 70 volunteer coaches. Most of the coaches are parents or relatives of the players they coach. Coaches come with a wide range of backgrounds, some play the game and know it well, some have coached other sports, and others know very little about coaching or soccer, but are willing to learn. Almost any of them will tell you coaching the kids has been a great part of their lives and given them a chance to enjoy a fun activity with their children.

Child Centered Program
In AYSO, we train our coaches that coaching is not about them. It’s about the children and about the game. Too often the adults’ need to win takes away from the child’s opportunity to be a child. We want the children to have fun playing a game we love. We want them to develop skills, because it’s a lot more fun to play a game you are skilled. And we want them to learn to be good sports and good teammates.

How do I get Started?
Many coaches start when their children start at U5 or U6. This is a great place to start, because while the children learn the sport gradually, so do the coaches (and the referees for that matter). Others start when their children are older and hit the ground running. Still others start as an assistant coach and decide that they want to coach a team of their own. However you start, AYSO has training, support, and development to help you be successful.

AYSO Coach Training Program
The AYSO Coaching Program includes two facets: Coach Safe Haven Certification and Age-Specific Coach Training

All AYSO Coaches are required to take: The Coach Safe Haven course once before their first season coaching A Coaching Course every two years.

The Coaching Courses that apply to our region

U5/U6 Coach
AYSO has a U5/U6 Coaching Course, which includes a one-hour classroom session and a one-hour field session during which you will learn how to teach soccer to very young players. This is a special class that every coach must take before coaching U5 and U6 players. If you are an AYSO National Coach or have a USYSA National “A” license, you are still required to take the U5/U6 course. Why? Because coaching four year olds is different from coaching older kids and young adults, and we want to make sure the volunteers coaching our youngest players have the proper philosophy and mindset for this joyous task.

U5 and U6 soccer consists of a 3v3 game on a small field so everyone gets lots of touches on the ball and gets a chance to play and have fun. At this age, practice consists of a short 30-minute practice immediately before the game; there are often no weekday practices.

U7/U8 Coach
The U7/U8 Coaching Course includes a one-hour classroom session and a one-hour field session. The focus of the U7/U8 course is on age-appropriate training. Elements of the training include the following: AYSO Philosophy, Overview of the AYSO Coaching Program, Coaching U7 and U8 Players, Age Appropriate Techniques, Soccer Knowledge, Practices and Learning Games.

At the U7/U8 level, the players play a 6v6 game with goalkeepers for the first time. U7 is the first age group to have regular weeknight practices, but those are limited to once a week for one hour.

U9/U10 Coach
The U9/U10 Coaching Course includes a one-hour classroom session and a two-hour field session. The focus of the U9/U10 course continues to be on age-appropriate training.

At the U9/U10 level, the players play a 7v7 game with goalkeepers. At U9 Coaches may add a second one hour practice each week.

U12 Coach
The U12 Coaching Course is training for experienced coaches at U11 and U12, and for new coaches at the older age groups. The U12 Course includes a two-hour classroom session and three-hour field session. Elements of the training include the following: Philosophy, Coaching Overview, Team Management, The Game of Soccer, Coaching Practices, Coaching Games, The Laws, Injury Prevention.

Intermediate Coach
The Intermediate Coaching Course is for coaches at U14 and up. The Intermediate Course is 15 hours long and includes four hours of classroom and 11 hours of practical coaching on the field.

The Intermediate Course gets into the technical details of coaching the game, such as the technical aspects of dribbling, passing, and controlling, so that the Intermediate Coach can break down techniques for the players and understand what the player is doing well and what needs improvement. You must complete the U12 course before you may take the Intermediate Course.

Advanced Coach
The Advanced Coaching Course is for coaches who have coached for a couple of years after completing the Intermediate Coaching Course. The Advanced Course includes a four-hour classroom session typically on a Friday night, a seven-hour field session on a Saturday, and another four-hour field session on Sunday.

The primary focus on the Advanced course is honing the coaches’ skills of observation. Building on the technical knowledge the coaches have developed through the Intermediate Course and their years of coaching, the coaches have an opportunity to watch kids play, compare notes on their observations, and provide the players with specific, actionable instruction to improve their play. You must complete the Intermediate Course before you may take the Advanced Course.

Advanced coach re-certification courses are offered twice a year before the Advanced Course so that Advanced Coaches can continue their education and fulfill their requirement for training every two years.

AYSO Referee Program

Every team in U-8 is required to provide 2 certified referees!
Each week your team is assigned as the home team your referees (yes both) will be asked to referee a game - a boys’ team referee will be scheduled for a girls’ game and vice versa. Referees will not be allowed to center a game for teams they are affiliated with. Your team’s referee may also be asked to act as an assistant referee for an older division.
Names of referees and team affiliation (division and team number) must be sent to the Regional Referee Administrator (Andrea Torrez). Your referees must have a current volunteer form and appropriate certification. If they are not certified they will not be allowed to referee games until they are certified. Please see below for training dates and times.

Every team in U-10 is required to provide 1 certified referee!
Each referee will be asked to either referee or assist on a game before or after their child’s scheduled game (depending on the schedule). All referee names and team affiliations (division and team number) need to be sent to the Referee Administrator (Andrea Torrez). Just as in U-8 referees must have a current volunteer form and appropriate certification. If they are not certified please see below for training times.

Referees in U-12 and U-14 divisions are part of a pool and assigned to games by the region. Where possible, neutral assignments (unaffiliated with either team) are preferred, but referees doing their child’s games is still permitted. Regardless, each U-12/14 team is responsible for providing at least one certified Regional Referee (or higher) to the pool for proper team representation and credit.

We need referees!  We need your help to make this season a success for the kids.
The more referees we are able to train and certify the better our program will be for the kids!
Thank you to those volunteers who have attended the training!

Contact the Referee Administrator Andrea Torrez for more information.


All Volunteer Coaches must Complete and Submit CDC Concussion Online Training prior to the AYSO Region 515 Mandatory Coaches meeting August 9, 2014. See Coach’s Corner page for more information

Visit the SAFETY  page for additional concussion information.