• Returning Player Discount Registration for the 2015/2016 Season scheduled for 3/28 & 4/11. We will be accepting online and in-person registrations. Please contact registrar@ayso515.com for information

  • Soccer Camp registration is now open. Click above for Camps to register for one of our June and/or July Camp

  • See how you could join AYSO 515 and contribute! Volunteers needed.

  • Join our Referee Program. Referee training January 31st 8am-5pm. Please see events or Referee page for more information.

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  • EXTRA Team Tryouts Make Up day scheduled to post for the upcoming 2014/2015 Season. Please continue to check our EXTRA Page or see below for the posted schedule.

  • U16/U19 Division Season has begun. Registration is now open. See below for more information on player registration


NOTICE: Fields have been inspected and are OK to practice on. Please stay off of the areas in front of the goals and any other saturated or hazardous areas.  Thank you 



Spring Pictures

This Sunday March 29th.

   Please go online and schedule your team picture time.

Please use the link below to select your location and time. If you have any questions concerning the process, please call Legends at (505) 450-4416 for assistance.


For parents wishing to pre-order photos, please visit the AYSO 515 web site and click on the red camera.  Orders may be placed prior to picture day with on line payment.

Extra Teams, if you require a digital image of a team photo, Legends will provide a digital image to be used as needed at a cost of $25.00 per team.  Please schedule a photo time on March 29.  If unable to do photos on the 21st, please call 450-2515 to arrange a photo time.



Welcome Back U16/U19 Players!!! 


Welcome back players.  If you haven’t registered yet, get online and get your registration taken care of ASAP so you can get out on the Pitch!!  

Practices have begun for your division with Pick up games every Saturday, until Mesa Del Sol play begins in March.  We are looking forward to see you out on the Complex.

Please email your Coordinator  Jose Hernandez
Division Coach Jay Peters at coachj@ayso515.com  or loslunasregion@ayso515.com


Thank you

Region 515-Los Lunas



Team Banner Contest April 4th, 2015

Flyer-Banner Contest

AYSO Team Banner Contest





Whew I’ve Registered! Now What?



Regional Refund Policy:

 Withdraw before participating in any event by submitting the official Regional Refund Request to the Regional Registrar for a refund.  Withdraw prior to 7/12/14 for a full refund. Requests submitted after 7/12/14 will be issues a refund minus uniform cost and will be issued after criteria has been verified and met. Withdrawal after participating in Opening Day Ceremonies, and practices prior to the 1st game of the season will be issued a 50% refund so long as parent or guardian has submitted the official Refund request & surrender of the uniform to the region. No refund will be provided after 1st scheduled game of the season. **Spring session will be eligible for a 50% refund of registration provided that a refund request form has been submitted prior to participation of team practices and 1st scheduled Spring game. Region 515 Refund Policy_2014