• Car Wash Fundraiser - Help support our Los Lunas National Team Players. When: This Saturday 4/12/14. Where: Brad Francis Ford Dealership. Time: Starting at Noon

  • Open Player Registration begins 4/19/14. Please pre-register at www.eayso.org

  • See how you could join AYSO 515 and contribute!

  • Join our Referee Program. Referee training TBA. Please see events or Referee page for more information.

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  • EXTRA Team Tryouts for the upcoming 2014/2015 Season. Tryout schedule TBA. Please continue to check our website

  • Join us for our World Record Event #SoccerFEST14 on Saturday May 3rd, 2014 at Daniel Fernandez Park


What is #SoccerFEST14?

AYSO is aiming to set a world record for The Biggest Pick-Up Game on Earth. We need your help to make this possible – join with 100+ AYSO communities across the U.S. for #SoccerFEST14!

When is #SoccerFEST14?

Please join us on May 3, 2014 at Daniel Fernandez Memorial Park. The check-in table will be located next to the Softball fields. (You MUST check-in (with player present) in order for you or your child to participate! The player will receive a stamp on their hand to verify they have been registered. Any player without a stamped hand will not be able to participate.

What is the cost to participate in #SoccerFEST14?

Registration is FREE to currently registered AYSO Player for the 2013/2014 Season!  Non-Registered AYSO players pay $10. Adults pay $15 for registration.  First 100 registered players receive a free #SoccerFEST14 Pin.  Pre-order T-Shirts online at time of registration.  Registration is FREE for all First Responders participating in the Valencia Shootout Game.  Please click on SoccerFEST14 Online Registration to be part of our World Record.

Can my child participate even if they don’t currently play in AYSO?

YES! As part of AYSO’s six philosophies, Everyone Plays applies to #SoccerFEST14, too! Requirements:  It is mandatory for the non-AYSO registered player’s parent or guardian to complete a Non-Registered Participation form for each guest player. The triplicate form must be signed in person. NO EXCEPTIONS. This ensures one-day guest player Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) program covers the non-AYSO player in the event of an accident. You can preregister online at #SoccerFEST14 Online Registration. A parent or guardian MUST be present to sign a release form the day of #SoccerFEST14.  There is a $10 Fee for non-AYSO players.

What can we except to see at #SoccerFEST14 EVENT?

  • The National Teams will be fundraising plenty of goodies all day. Please help support our National Team players.
  • There will be refreshments, food, and more available to purchase on site.
  • We have an OPEN Player Registration for the Upcoming 2014/2015 Season.  Registration begins at 8am and ends at 5pm. **Please see our Registration page for Open Registration Instructions.
  • Come out to catch the Valencia Shootout Game!!   Law Enforcement vs Firefighters at 9am.
  • Check back for a complete list of times and events.





NOTICE:   U16/U19 Registration ongoing.  Please see below for registration information and link.  

Thank you



  OPEN REGISTRATION ONGOING for U16/U19 Delayed Season

  • Registration is currently open for 2014-2015
  • Registration fee is $75. (This fee only applies to U16/19 players)
  • To register go to www.eayso.org
  • U16/U19 play in Los Lunas at the LL Soccer Complex & Mesa Del Sol in Albuquerque
  • This division currently plays inter-regional play against teams from region 104 & 1447
  • U16/U19 division starts late fall and runs through late spring. (End of April)
  • For questions or concerns contact the U-19Coordinator or the Regional  Commissioner.

Regional Refund Policy:

  Withdraw before participating in any event by submitting the official Regional Refund Request to the Regional Registrar for a refund.  Withdraw prior to 7/12/13 for a full refund. Refund request submitted after 7/12/13 a refund minus uniform cost will be given once criteria has been verified and met. Withdraw after participating in Opening Day Ceremonies, practice or through the 1st game of the season a 50% refund is provided once submission of the official Refund request & surrender of uniform. Withdraw after 2nd scheduled game of the season no refund will be provided.Region 515 Refund Policy_2013