• Open Player Registration for the 2017/2018 Season is now open. We are currently accepting online registrations only for all Players. Please click on the link below to access the new site.

  • Currently looking for volunteers to help assist our program. If you are interested please email us at loslunasregion@ayso515.com

  • See how you could join AYSO 515 and contribute! Volunteers needed.

  • Join our Referee Program. Referee training happening this summer. Please see events or Referee page for more information. refereeadmin@ayso515.com

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  • Open Tryouts for the 2017/2018 Season scheduled for 6/1/17 & 6/8/17. Please see events section for more information

  • Open Player registration scheduled for Monday May 22, 2017.




First Scheduled games are Saturday Sept 30th.  Please email us at registrar@ayso515.com if you have not heard from a coordinator.

Thank you



Player Registration is now Open for the upcoming MY17-18 Season.  


Please click on the link below to access the new Registration site.






Season Scheduled to begin Sept 16th. 

Currently players are being registered and teams are being built within our new system.    We will be contacting parents to volunteer for the upcoming season early next week beginning 8/21/17. 



Whew I’ve Registered! Now What?

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Please click on the link above to print the PDF


Regional Refund Policy:

Withdraw before participating in any event by submitting the official Regional Refund Request to the Regional Registrar for a refund. Withdraw prior to 7/20/17 for a full refund minus the Membership fee. Requests submitted after 7/21/17 will be issued a refund minus the uniform cost, minus Membership fee and will be issued after criteria has been verified and met. Withdrawal after participating in Opening Day Ceremonies, and practices prior through the 1st game of the season will be issued a 40% refund so long as parent or guardian has submitted the official Refund request & surrender of the uniform to the region. No refund will be provided after 1st scheduled game of the season. **Spring session will be eligible for a 50% refund of registration, minus Membership fee provided that a refund request form has been submitted prior to the 1st scheduled Spring game with surrender of uniform. No Exceptions Region 515 Refund Policy_2015